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Murder / Manslaughter Offences

Section 156 of the NT Criminal Code provides that a person is guilty of murder if they engage in conduct that causes the death of another person and they intended to cause death or serious harm to that person or any other person by that conduct.

Murder may be reduced to manslaughter if the conduct of the deceased provoked the killing. The provocation generally needs to be of a kind to have actually caused the accused to lose self control but also to be of the kind that could have induced an ordinary person to have so far lost control as to have formed an intent to kill or cause harm to the deceased; see Section 158 of the NT Criminal Code.

Murder may also be reduced to manslaughter where the killing was intentional if the mental capacity of the accused was substantially impaired at the time of the killing contrary to Section 159 of the NT Criminal Code.

Below is a list of all Murder / Manslaughter Offences with articles in this site:

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