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Murder / Manslaughter Offences – NT

Welcome to the NT Murder article page. Everything you need to know about Murder according to NT law – Dated: 09/01/2009

What the Law States according to NT Law for Murder

According to NT Law for the charge of Murder:

Section 156 of the NT Criminal Code provides that a person is guilty of murder if they engage in conduct that causes the death of another person and they intended to cause death or serious harm to that person or any other person by that conduct.

The Maximum Penalty – Murder

According to NT Law for the charge of Murder:

The penalty for murder is mandatory life, however a sentencing court must fix a non-parole period pursuant to Section 53(A) of the Sentencing Act.

The standard non-parole period for murder is 20 years. However, if there are aggravating circumstances made out pursuant to Section 53(A)(iii) of the Sentencing Act such as the victim was a police officer or the killing was committed in the course of the commission of a sexual offence or there was more than one killing the minimum non-parole period is 25 years.

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